Monday, February 14, 2005

Short story in honor of valentine's day

The Happy Couple

Mr. Smith was walking home one day to notice a large skeletal foot sticking out of the ground. Carefully so that no child would trip over it Mr. Smith decided to pull it out of the dirt. The foot however was stuck and refused to move from it’s designated spot. Mr. Smith being a nice man took off his coat and started digging. It wasn’t too long until Mr. Smith had uncovered an entire skeleton.

“What business have you here?” The Skeleton asked Mr. Smith.
“Why? I just wanted to move your foot so that no child would trip as they walked home from school.” Mr. Smith replied.
“And you just decided to move my foot without asking?” The Skeleton asked angrily.
“I meant no disrespect, just looking out for the children you know.”
“Well I’m awake now and it always takes me forever to fall back to sleep. Do you mind keeping my spot warm as I run off for a cup of tea.”

Not knowing what else to do Mr. Smith sat down in the hole he had dug as the skeleton walked away.
“When will you return?” Mr. Smith called after the calcium clad creature that slowly vanished in the distance.
“Never you worry about that.” The Skeleton replied and continued on it’s way.
“But you aren’t dressed so no one will sell you tea.” The Skeleton realized the truth to the statement, turned around and very nicely asked to borrow Mr. Smith’s clothes.
“Here you go.” Mr. Smith said as he climbed back into the hole naked. “It is the least I can do.”

Later after Mr. Smith had fallen asleep in the Skeletons bed some children happened to be walking home from school.
“Oh no, an open grave, we should fill it up so that no adult falls in and hurts themselves.” One of the children said. So the other children began filling up the hole with Mr. Smith inside. As they finished they walked away proud they had potentially saved a life.

The Skeleton returned not much later with a cup of tea in hand unable to find his resting place. It was then that Mrs. Smith was out drving the town looking for her husband.
“Get in the car you silly old man.” Mrs. Smith said to the Skeleton. “I leave you alone for a day and you lose too much weight. Come home dear husband so that I may fatten you up once agian.” The Skeleton just shrugged, got into the car and drove home. “I can’t leave you a second with out you getting into trouble.” Mrs. Smith said. The skeleton said nothing, not knowing how to respond.

When Mr. Smith awoke later he cursed the skeleton who he beleived had tricked him. He tried to climb out of the ground but then died from lack of oxygen.

Mrs. Smith and the Skeleton lived happily ever after.

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