Sunday, February 20, 2005

trust me little ones

What the hell is direct advertising? I have no freaking clue and yet I have a job interview on Weneseday for an ad company that specializes in Direct Advertising. They don't explain at all what it is on their website. I have a sneaking suspision that it has something to do with telemarketing; not something I really would care to do. On the plus side it gets me into Boston for the day so there's that. I'm gonna half to (by which I mean I want to) call some friends to see if they are available for a visit after my interview. I want to bring an extra pair of shoes as mine are ok to wear for a while but I don't want to be walking around boston in them.

Currently I sit in New York (Douglaston, Queens to be precise)watching the snow gently tumble down from the heavens; trying not to ease drop on my brother talking to his girlfreind over the phone. I was hoping to get into the city tomorrow to maybe see the gates they put up in central park or do something else fun only availabel to me in New York. Alas I think my day will be spent in doors, reading comic books, maybe going bowling with my siblings. Roni won't be there so maybe this time I'll win 'cause I'm better than Asaf and I'm pretty sure I can beat Hillel.

that's it for now.

Carry on then...

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