Tuesday, February 01, 2005

For the love of pete, or, why do I suck?

So I joined triggerstreet.com. It's a web site where people post short films and feature length screenplays, and the other members give it feedback and reviews. I posted a screenplay that I know needs some work, but I needed direction as to what I parts I should work on. I tried very hard to be subtle, cute, and to a certain extent fall in the category of magical realism.

it was panned. Completely. I'm getting horrible reviews. that unto itself isn't bad. I know it needs work, that's why I posted it. My problem is this. I just read a screenplay posted by a fellow member that was horrible. Really bad. It was supposed to be a romantic comedy but was neither romantic (unless you confuse romance for lust) nor was it comedy. It was the same old generic attempted twist of Cyrano De Bergerac. It was god awful. And it's doing leaps and bounds better than mine on the site.

Like I said, I wasn't expecting mine to be considered brilliant, or even in the top 100 of the site (there are near 2000 postings) I just didn't expect it to be so (nearly 900 places) far behind this obvious piece of crap.

And this isn't me being belligerent because i was panned. There are plenty of scripts I've read on that site that deserve to be ahead of mine. Ones that are clearly superior to mine, I respond accordingly on the site when I review them. It just depresses me that there is no accounting for taste, or that too many people have bad taste.

I guess that's my rant for today. Most people suck, what else is new?

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Jason said...

Just because a majority disagrees with you doesn't mean they suck. I mean, maybe they do suck...individually...or even as a group, but you don't know that. One of them could be your future wife and then you'd have to tell her that you thought she sucked, in a bad way that is, before you met her.

Magic realism? Dude, I think even Latin American writers are getting sick of everyone trying to do that. So, no figure that American's are as well. Unless perhaps they just don't see the brilliance...certainly a possibility.