Friday, April 22, 2005

Elaine: I hate people. Jerry: Yeah, they're the worst.

Everyone has prejudices. No matter how much we might claim otherwise we are just fooling ourselves. In general I hate most people, regardless as to skin color, religious beliefs, gender, ethnicity, and so on. I think we can all agree that people, by and large, are annoying. I know I certainly am.

In any case once again found on Stellito's site I found a neat link. This time I was wisked away to a Harvard test site which reveals our hidden or not so hidden prejudices. I took a few of the tests, and received some surprising results. A lot of the test has to do with hand eye coordination and anyone who knows me knows that this is a skill I am seriously lacking. Thus, the tests maybe flawed due to my own ineptitude. Also the tests may be flawed just because. I can't claim to have any knowledge as to the veracity of the tests.

That being said, for your edification, here are my results:

    I have a slight preference for white people over black people. Not much of a shock, though disappointing when I found out.
    I have a moderate preference for Jews over non-Jews. Not a shock at all on that one. I'm Jewish, my father is a Rabbi, and I grew up in a small but strong Jewish community. If I'm in a cafeteria and there are two tables available, one being full of Jews and the other non-Jews, everything else being equal, I'd gravitate towards the Jews. It's just a comfort thing I think.
    I have no association between science and gender. Which just helps back up my post about women poets.
    I have a slight preference for old people over young people. This one surprised me. I thought I hated old people. Always driving too slow, pinching cheeks, and smelling funny, what are they really good for aside from voting on a regular basis and sucking away all the social security taxes removed from my pay.
    Slight preference gay over straight. I am not gay, though this is not very surprising. In college I had a string of doomed crushes, all of whom turned out to be lesbians (and they weren't just saying that so they wouldn't have to go out with me, at least I hope not).
    I have no association between gender and careers. Apparently I am that new age sentive guy I've been reading so much about
    I have a strong preference for thin over fat people. Yeah, I'm a shallow bastard, but I knew that already.
There you go. I'm more than happy wearing my prejudices on my sleave, as long as you don't hold them against me.

uh... nothing more to see here. Move along,move along.

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