Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Lord Palpatines Evil Empire Chicken

It's not quite the middle of Passover and I shall probably relate my Passover experience on a later post. For the time being there is something else I wish to discuss.

First, I came across Darth Vader’s Blog and think this might possibly be the greatest thing since sliced bread (but that's only because sliced bread isn't really a big deal to begin with). I don't know if this is a slick marketing ploy or just uber geek with too much time on his/her hands. Either way it's freaking hilarious. I'm not the biggest star wars fan in the world, (I watched the second prequel in fast forward and still wanted to kill myself for wasting money renting it) but the blog gets to me. Perhaps it's because I so often root for the villains of most motion pictures, but a blog from Vader’s perspective really hits home. We see Vader with a bum leg that the various repair droids can't seem to fix. He is the second command of an empire filled with incompetent generals and a clone army that seems to get dumber each generation. He is a father battling his son - a revolutionary fighting against the empire (talk about the ultimate child rebellion) while simultaneously trying to rest his son away from corrupting forces; a Mr. Hans Solo, to be precise. He is a man in constant conflict and turmoil whose temper more often than not gets the better of him. He is just a man trying to make his way in that galaxy long ago and far, far away.

This blog, with very little resources and no special affects, accomplishes what George Lucas has failed to do with tremendous resources and amazing special effects in the prequels. It humanizes Darth Vader; it makes him the tragic figure we've been waiting to see. One can only hope George Lucas reads this blog and quickly re-edits his newest (what I am almost sure will be a) failure to bring this blogs vision of the scariest asthmatic in the universe to fruition.

The second site found (and I guess I should thank some guy named Paul) for this. Though I am a vegetarian, deep down in my heart I have a special soft spot for chickens (high speed internet helps).

Uh... Carry on then.

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