Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm doomed to post-humous fame

I've gotten a lot of response (well 10 responses) back on TriggerStreet for my script. It runs either hot or cold, there is no middle ground. The people who don't like it (and they are in the majority) are the same ones who complain that they didn't understand it. Those who said they did understand it enjoyed it immensely.

So I'm stuck. I've worked on one final draft not yet uploaded, and I don't think I will. It's never going to be made anyway so there's that. If it is, it will be one of those independent films a few people think is brilliant (in my opinion, the smart people) while the majority will call it pretentious drivel (and I guess I couldn't blame them either).

It's just a bit frustrating. If no one got it that'd be one thing, but I know there is enough there to really understand the story (because some people do). I just don't know how to make it more clear for everyone else with out ruining the story. I've tried but then it just becomes too expositional and boring. So as far as I'm concerned now, this - my sixth draft - is my final draft; it's done, and anyone who doesn't understand it can bugger off.

I'd create a link so one could dowload it from this blog, only I don't know how to do that.

It's now 4am and I'm still too tired and congested to come up with a closing catchphrase.

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