Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'd like to buy a Vowell

It's official. I'm in love with Sarah Vowell, and not just because of the horrible pun her name allowed me to put to use.

I'm not really in love with Sarah Vowell. Not in the sense of marriage, commitment, and the like. Not even in the sense of a casual date. And no, not in the sense of psycho celebrity stalker either. I'm in love with her in that whimsical way one falls for people they see on TV. For those of you unaware as to who Ms. Vowell might be, I've swiped this bio from IMDB. I was going to provide links to all the publications listed below, but I got lazy and if you really want to see them you'll find them yourselves.
"Born in Oklahoma and raised Montana, Sarah Vowell is best known for her bits on public radio's This American Life. A contributing editor for the program since 1996, she has been a staple of TAL's popular live shows around the country, for which The New York Times has commended her "funny querulous voice and shrewd comic delivery." As a critic and reporter, she has contributed to numerous newspapers and magazines, including Esquire, GQ, Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, Spin, The New York Times Book Review and McSweeney's. She is a former columnist for Time, and San Francisco Weekly. Hip, irreverent, and with a voice that NPR fans of This American Life instantly perk up to, Sarah makes both readers and listeners laugh out loud with her wry, comic observations on everything from politics to pop culture."

She is what I think I'm looking for in a woman. She's funny in a very smart way, and smart in a very funny way (read her books or listen to her on NPR or her frequent visits to the Daily Show and you'll see what I mean), she's a They Might Be Giants Fan (she wrote the liner notes for the Dial-a-song compilation album), and she has fantastic voice (for those curious she voiced the role of Violet in the animated feature The Incredibles.) She's not attractive in the hollywood sense of the word, but she's adorable; which, when coupled with the previous attributes, knocks her through the roof in my book, to mix metaphors.

As Tony the Tiger would say "She's Grrrrrrrreat!"

Now that I think about it, I don't know if I'm really in love with her, or just want to be her. Or rather her male equivalent; I don't think I'm ready to commit to any sort of sex change.

Well... not until I'm finished with my hormone therapy, at the very least.


Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter is better!

Amichai said...

I honestly can't tell if anonymous - if that is in fact your real name - is being serious or not. I certianly hope not. For those interested in Ann Coulter (the poor souls that you might be) I shall send you toPick up Ann Coulter.

Yeah it's mean spirited, but funny as all get out.