Friday, December 02, 2005

Battle of the Titans: Apple Juice Vs. Apple Cider

I've only been working at Starbucks for a week, so far I've only filled one order of Tea. That being said, I really wish I could say stuff like this the next time some poor soul orders tea.

Also: don't order hot apple cider from Starbucks, because they won't give it to you. Anytime you order hot apple cider you are actually getting hot apple juice with a few pumps of cinnamon syrup. The Starbucks recipe book claims there is no official difference between apple juice and apple cider. Cider in other countries equals fermentation, what we in America and Canada call hard cider, is just called cider most everywhere else. So if both are the liquid from the apple, and neither is fermented, what really is the difference? The great state of Massachusetts defines the differences here. So take that Starbucks, trying to cheat your customers of the true hot cider experience.

And as Ned Flanders once said, "If it's sweet and yellah, you got juice there fella'. If it's tangy and brown, you're in cider town."

On Monday I plan on going to the Cake Shop in Manhattan to see the Vandervoots. It's only six bucks and starts at 9pm. So if any of you fun loving readers out there happen to be in New York on Monday, and you like upbeat "punkity rock" you should join me. I'll be there with my brother Hillel, and we always enjoy company when we go to concerts.


Lady K said...

LMAO that was funny! I loved the cartoon! And I LOVE apple cider. Apple juice is for babies and toddlers, in my book...glad you've survived your first week there.

Nonny said...

Lady has been beating me to the punch all day. I WAS gonna say LMAO but now it'll just look redundant. Anyway, I wouldn't pay $4.00 or whatever I'm sure they're charging at Starbucks for Apple anything. Nothing cool ever happens in this town, damn how long of a drive is it from Ohio to NYC?

rawbean said...

I wanna go to the concert (read in a very whiney voice)...Tell us more about life in the big apple...(now I'm seating on the floor, bright eyed and paying attention).

rawbean said...

sorry. my comment was really lame. I don't know what happened there...and the bad grammar - whoah!