Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I totally miss boston

Million Dollar Rabbi (having quicktime will definitely help)

These are the type of shananagins I've missed by moving to Queens. Both fellows in the video are my former roommates. I didn't think I missed my freinds so much, but apparently I do.

As the song goes "Boston you're my home."

Also, my thoughts on the holiday season, summed up by someone else. I don't know who wrote it, but I really wish it was me. If you get gooey over christmas, this might not be the read for you. (I should thank Jeremy for posting this on his blog first, otherwise I would never have found it.)


Nonny said...

Wow, that's freaky. Me and my mom were talking about this exact thing earlier today because they discussed it last night on "The Daily Show". I had heard about it previously but wanted to laugh with my mom about what a total tool Bill O'Reilly is. And how did him and Rush both manage to escape their scandals unscathed? Conservatives are retarded minions. And I'm one of those people who say "Happy Holidays" because I'm trying to INCLUDE everyone, not exclude people, like they are. These assholes act like Christmas is the only holiday being celebrated this time of year. I applaud that post for telling it like it is. And btw, I've never heard anyone call it a "holiday tree".

Lady K said...

kudos to you! I've also heard it called a "winter bush." What the??? THAT is PC at its finest.

rawbean said...

I miss you Amichai. You seem to be laying low, any reason? We need you!