Monday, December 26, 2005

so tired, so very tired.

First off, I have come to realize, though I'm not happy about Johnny's move (and as James pointed out it wasn't a trade, which I knew, only I wrote it wrong, whoops) I can't really blame him. It's the Red Sox fault for not doing a better job of holding on to him. He wanted seven years, they gave him four, and when the Yankees called and started courting him the Red Sox didn't really do much to try and keep him. Though I would never play for the Yankees (well I would but only because I suck at baseball, but if I was good I wouldn't) I understand why he left. I mean, if there are two companies trying to get your business, which one do you go to, the one who is activly courting you, going out of they're way to win you over; or the one that just seems lukewarm to you, not seemingly caring either way? Simple.

Just needed to get that off my chest. Not the most intersting of posts, but I'm wicked tired and I reek of coffee and espresso. Luckily I don't have to go in to work tommorrow. Expect a new post 'cause I'll have nothing else to do.


Nonny said...

Another freaking post about baseball! Repeat after me: It's just a game.

Wasn't the 26th Hannukah? Why did you have to work on Hannukah?

Amber said...

Yeah, I really can't stop doing my "We got Johnny" dance.

I hope you're having a great Hanukka!

Has starbucks begun to wrench your soul from your body yet?

Amber said...

Hanukkah. I do know how to spell it.

rawbean said...

Where's this new post you promised?

Nonny said...

Rawbean is reading my mind. I only checked this site like 50 times yesterday and still no post. What happened?