Friday, December 16, 2005

Tom Arnold Scares Me - but that's really neither here nor there

I hate washing my hair. Contrawise, I hate lice and dandruff. These two opposing thoughts haunt me each morning as I take my daily shower. My aversion to shampoo has nothing to do with a fear of cleanliness. It has nothing to do with any sort of fruity or chemical smell associated with hair care products. This hate (and I'm a little embaressed to admit) stems entirely from aesthetic considerations.

It's time I just came out and admited it. I tried to hide it my entire life, especially in high school, I could barely admit it to myself let alone my freinds, and I know my family knew. I have curly hair. There I said it (wrote it). It's like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I have curly hair. In my youth I used to look at all the kids with longs thin straight hair and wish my hair would look like theirs. I cut my hair short, I buzzed it each summer so no one would know. Then as I got older I grew my hair out and tried all sorts of cuts to hide the curls dying to be free.

I wore hats. Dear lord did I wear hats. All sorts of hats. Big hats, little hats, vitnage and retro hats, strange and multicolor hats. Anything so my frizzy curly (I used to say wavy but that was a lie) hair wouldn't be noticed.

It has been a long journey for me to admit what was so glaringly obvious to the rest of the world. My hair just isn't straight. Those of you out there with perfect straight hair will not understand this next bit. As a person with curly hair, shampoo kills me. It drains my head, my brown locks of all their essential oils and such. Thus upon exiting the shower, and drying my head, my hair is nothing more than a giant puff of frizz. Sure I use special anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, but even the strongest dose just isn't strong enough.

I used to dream of having prefectly managable straight hair. The kind of thin strands than just fall across the head and sit perfectly regardless how often you do or do not comb them.

There is about one day in seven when my hair actaully works. The day when it's just oily enough not to be gross, but oily enough to keep my loose curls in check. Before that day there isn't enough natural oils and it's frizz city, and after that day there is too much oil and my that's just kinda gross.

One of the first things I'm going to do after I get my first paycheck (whenever that is,I should probably enquire the bosses of Starbucks as to when I get paid) I'm going to go out and get a hair cut. I don't know what it's going to look like, but I'm going to take the risk with a new barber. All I really need is to find one good cut and stick with it. So far, my rebllious hair does not like being told what to do. I hope that in time I can train it before it invariably falls out (I have a full head of hair, but as baldness has afflicted every generation of men on both sides of my family before me, I assume it's only a matter of time until I join them).

But it never listened to me before, so why should it start now?


piu piu said...

you need product. a good leave in conditioner and some light hair fudhe or wax for shine. seriously.

Lady K said...

Amichai, there's a product called "Frizz-Ease" made by John Frieda. It WORKS! When my hair was permed (I know, you're asking WHY would anyone do that to their hair on purpose!?)I used it all the time to tame the frizz away. It's only about $5-6 and you don't need a whole lot. Works just like the natural oils of your hair. They do sell samples so you can try it out first.

rawbean said...

My hair is wavy which I believe is worse than either straight or curly. At least your hair picked a team to belong to - my hair can't decide what it is, so I decided for it with a straightner.

Nonny said...

As someone whose experienced both sides (when I was young my hair was poker straight, after each child my hair kept getting curlier and curlier) I'm with you. No amount of product tames the frizziness. Don't believe LH, Frizz-ease doesn't work all that well and I've used the "extra-strength version even. I now only wash my extremely thick hair every 3 days, on day 3, prior to washing, it's perfect! I'm also nowhere near as ambitious as Rawbean, I'm more shower, let air-dry and go.

rawbean said...

I should probably just say that most days I just throw it up in a ponytail...I feel I misled you Nonny.

Amichai, what happens if you keep your hair pretty short?

Amichai said...

nothing is wrong with short hair. I'm just too pig headed to admit it would probably work out better. I generally have my hair between 4-6 inches long, just because.

The next cut I get will probably just be a nice short one.