Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mildly depressed

Johnny Damon has been traded to the Yankees. I'm not angry about it yet. I probably will be in a few days, but now it's like a shot to the gut. I can't stop the bleeding.

For any Yankee fans out there, nuts to you guys.

And for people who don't care either way, I give you the best advice I've ever received.


HitManJ said...

I hated Johnny with his scruffy beard and shaggy hair. He looked truly Cro-Magnon.

Now, just like Giambi before him, he'll clean up and we'll pay him his millions and in about three years we'll regret it.

But, to the Red Sux fans out there, I say "neener neener boo boo"

Nonny said...

That IS sound advice. I have no interest in baseball whatsoever.

btw: i before e except after c.



Amichai said...

Fixed it, and I feel like a dope.

As to the Red Sux bit, I make it a point to never spar with someone so clearly addled.

Lady K said...

A, pay no attention to J, he obviously is stricken with the fever that has its grip upon me. To your comment, "YES, SIR!" I will get right on that. I do have a post in my dome regarding the wonders of antibiotics...

A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON to you and yours, honey.

Amber said...

*happy dance*

except really, the only reason i liked sneaking peaks at the red sox's games was because i think j.d. is so damn cute with that hair. now i get to oggle him in public... but his caveman looks will be gone :(

James said...

He wasn't traded; he signed with them. This means he deserves some of the blame. I'm pretty disgusted with both Johnny and the Red Sox for the alleged mistreatment of him at the end of the season regarding a new contract. This is not worse than Giambi, however, because Giambi went from a small market club to the Yanks as opposed to the Red Sox who are almost equally gi-normous club. Still, it's a sad day for baseball and the Red Sox. Who's next? Papi? Varitek?

I miss the days when players would stay with one or two teams all their careers.