Saturday, December 03, 2005

People whom I admire

A list of famous (at least famous in my mind) people whom I either aspire to be, to be with, or just am inspired by (an abbreviated list). In no particular order.

Dorothy Gambrell

Haruki Murakami

John Flansburgh and John Linell (They Might Be Giants)

Russel Edson

Douglas Adams

Sarah Vowell (More of my thoughts on Ms. Vowel, also here.)

Alton Brown

Wes Anderson

Aaron Sorkin

Grant Morrison

Alan Moore

Tony Harris

Rob G (sorry I couldn't find a better link for this particular artist)

Jason Lutes

Scott Mccloud




Warren Ellis

Peter David

Andi Watson

Scarlett Johansson (really just want to be with, this might make me a bit shallow but she's so freaking sexy)

Jeph Jacques

The Dresden Dolls

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

Lee Krasner

John Stewart

Steve Martin

Caroline Dhavernas (I have a big crush on her, and she's more realistically my type - as opposed to Scarlett - but neither hold a candle to Sarah)

Richard Russo

There are many more, but I'll stop there.


Nonny said...

Where am I? I don't see my link anywhere :)

Amichai said...

I shoulda' put up a disclamer:

Friends, Family, and other relations not included.

Lady K said...

Chicks DIG guys with html skills...nice work, A!

Amichai said...

creating links are easy. It's everything else that messes me up.

Alex said...

I recently got to see Haruki Murakami speak... neener neener.

He is a small Japanese rock star, I swear. And I'm happy he's on your list. I approve of the rest, as well.

rawbean said...

Mmmmm John Stewart....good choice.

Did you see Shop Girl Amichai? I did. It was good but there was something not quite right about Steve Martin in that movie.

Amichai said...

i did not see shopgirl, but i did read the book - and i really liked the book. I've been wanting to see the film but just haven't gotten around to it.

And Alex. I will forever be jealous of you. I would kill a distant relative (third cousin and on) to see him speak.

Nonny said...

Just wanted to give you an FYI:

This months issue of Elle has Scarlet on the cover and about 7 pictures inside. Perhaps mom could pick that up for you.