Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Haikus for yous

Bad poetry because I'm in that sort of mood.

Short staccato verse.
latent emotion evoked.
Style dictates content?

29 Beckwith drive.
Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Amichai J. Greene

Dessert for breakfast
cannot nearly compare to
breakfast in the desert.

Wasting all my time
writing nonsense instead of
searching for a job.


Nonny said...

Or posting on your fiction blog. If I don't find out soon what's going on with the transexual I will go crazy!

piu piu said...

ah job...or lack of....urgh.

hope u find something soon. i'm the worst person to suggest advice

Lady K said...

That was really cool! That line about breakfast in the desert really got me, especially this time of year. Sitting out on the porch at sunrise brings the utmost bliss. I shall have my morning coffee there tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration, Amichai! Hope you're feeling better.

Amichai said...

Though I'm glad it inspired you, it was just a bit of nonsense (as they all were). Sort of a bad pun switching desert and dessert because I didn't know what else to write.

Fridaysweb said...

I thought they were cool. I love haiku, although, it can be quite difficult.

Umm, you got an extra syllable in the dessert/desert one. Last line. I'd never criticize, though. I have ice cream on a hot steamy day on the brain, now. mmmmmmm

hope you're feeling a little better, today, Honey.

HitManJ said...

Nice. Your address is a Haiku!

Good stuff.


Amichai said...

An older address, yes. But I cribbed the idea from Kerouac who wrote a bunch of hiakus using his freinds addresses.