Sunday, November 13, 2005

pins and needles (well really just needles)

I gave blood today. The nurse wasn't so good and my arm is still in pain (and cold, but the cold is normal when I give blood, the pain has usually gone away by now) and the puncture point is definitely going to bruse, which I could have lived without. My blood is A- which I already knew, and my brother loves lording it over me that he has O- ("My blood will definitely save a life while your's might just languish in the banks till it's no good anymore). The funny thing is both my parents have Positive blood types while myself, and at least one of my siblings have Negative blood types. Genetics is wacky.

Speaking of wacky, go to Stellito's blog here and click on the link she provides in the post. It's quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Seacrest, Out.
(What a tool)


Nonny said...

I must agree, that is some funny shit. I don't know what's more amusing, the two dudes extremely nuanced performance or the guy in the background either ignoring them or completely oblivious. God your a hypochondriac, I haven't heard this much whining since George on Seinfeld ;)

rawbean said...

I wonder what happened to the one guy's arm.

Also: Are you anti-canadian - I just read my blog's sub-title on your "blogs for you to read" list....sniff....

Jason said...

Wow, that is really goddman funny. Back to homework.

Lady K said...

OMG I can't stop laughing. That is WHACK, my friend. Absolutely. Thanks for the giggles! Hope your arm doesn't bruise too much! I hate giving blood.