Monday, November 07, 2005

Heavens, the fever - she is upon me

Still sick. Still achey. Still nausious. Still trying to break out of my feverous delusions. I have not vomited, yet I see it as an eventuality; it's not a matter of if, just when. Hopefully some hot tea and the 60 degree (farenheit) weather outside will do me some good.

Something I forgot before. I didn't list Rawbeans Rant as a blog I read regularly, only I do read it regularly so now it is listed.

Also, for the love of pete, people - you should all go out and read Stellito's blog. Please, for your own sake.


Fridaysweb said...

Feel better soon, my dear. After my turkey is done in the oven, I'm straining off the juices for stock. Would you like some soup? I'm sure I can figure out how to email it to you. Enjoying the blogs you're linking, too. It's always nice to find other interesting places to visit.

Amichai said...

I think it's best we try to avoid keeping any sorts of liquids away from the computer. Making lentil soup myself. There is a big pot of homemade chicken soup in the fridge but I'm a vegitarian (no red meat, no poultry, and no fish, but yes to eggs and dairy). Lentil will have to suffice.

rawbean said...

awhh cute - a vegetarian.

rawbean said...

Thanks for mentioning my post - I'm going to put you on my "little buddies" list.

Nonny said...

Your so nebbishly endearing I can't stand it. I hope your feeling better.

Fridaysweb said...

Amichai, I need to maybe get a few pointers from you on the vegetarian front. My younger daughter wants to become a vegetarian. Well, as soon as she can overcome her cravings for pizza and McDonald's cheeseburgers (her words, not mine). Since she doesn't like any beans except green beans, I worry about protien. She's not crazy about nuts or peanut butter, either. So, where could she pick up her protein if she cut meat out, altogher? She only eats eggs about once a week, too, btw.

Okay, no need to discuss that until you're feeling better. I sure hope you feel well, soon. Lots of comforting vibes coming your way.

Lady K said...

SO SORRY you're feeling under the weather! If I were there I'd make you some of my infamous homemade chicken soup. Cures what ails you! Feel better soon!

I'll definitely check out those other blogs when I get the chance. Always in search of new ways to entertain myself, LOL